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Biodiversity and gull effects

Maintaining biodiversity and gull effects. Of the following situation, examine the control methods used and its outcome. Consider the impact of the large gull population on the environment, other species, and humans. Then consider the impact of the control measures. Discuss the ethical issues involved in the decision to contol a species and in the various control measures that were used.

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Gulls are birds are resourceful and highly-intelligent birds. They have complex methods of communication and a highly-developed social structure. Many species of gull have learned to co-exist successfully with man and have thrived in human habitats. Others rely on kleptoparasitism to get their food. Large gull populations often create problems for human society and biodiversity. The major problems identified are negative impact on sympatric waterbirds, threat to endangered species, bacterial and viral contamination of public water supplies and recreational waters, damage to property, hazard to aircraft etc.