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To calculate coefficient of coincidence and interference

F1 females from a cross of AABBCC to aabbcc were backcrossed to aabbcc males. IN the progeny of this cross there were 150 AaBbCc, 145 aabbcc, 55aabbCc, 52 AaBbcc, 31 aaBbcc, 29 AabbCc, 5 Aabbcc and 3 aaBbCc.

Is there evidence of interference? What is the coefficient of coincidence?

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In the given question we have to calculate the expected number of double recombinants. The concept is that given specific recombination rates in two adjacent chromosomal intervals, the rate of double-crossovers in this region should be equal to the product ...

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Coefficient of coincidence and interference can be calculated with the help of the number of progeny obtained from a back cross or test cross.