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    Confused about the order of amino acids in the protein chain

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    I have a list of of codons and the amino acids they code from, and I'm having problems listing the six amino acids in the protein chain above starting from the left of the tRNA chain.

    _1_________2________3_________4_______5________6_______amino acids

    CAU______GUA_____ AAU______ UGA____GGG_____ CUU________ mRNA

    AAC-Asparagine GAA-Glutamic Acid

    ACU-Theronine GCC-Alaine

    ACG-Serine GUA-Valine

    CAU-Histidine UAU-Cysteine

    CAG-Glutamine UGA-Cysteine

    CCC-proline UUA-Leucine

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    Remember that the sequence in the mRNA gives the codons that are in the final protein. So all you have to do is read the mRNA sequence and find the proper amino acids.

    For example....CAU - Histidine, GUA - Valine, AAU - Asparagine

    I notice in ...

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    The order of amino acids in the protein chains are determined. A tRNA chain is examined.