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Several questions

G. Draw and label an in vitro cellular aging curve-Phase I, II, and III.

H. What are the typical conditions for growing human cells outside the body? Compare use of serum vs. defined medium.

I. Define a population doubling-in vitro. How many can you expect from a human, chicken, and mouse?

J. Explain pulse-labeled-nuclei, tritiated thymidine, and autoradiography.

K. Compare cell lines vs. cell strains.

L. What is transformation and how does this compare to in vitro aging? What is oncogenesis, onco virus, and onco gene?

M. What are the advantages/disadvantages to in vitro cell culturing as related to aging?

N. Describe aging and relate it to functions in membranes, nucleus, lysosomes, and mitochondria.

O. What is collagen? Why is this important to aging?