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Picking the Best Inhibitor when Given Km, Kcat and Ki

Here are the following numbers I have calculated;
We were given a substrate to plot againist velocity and 3 enzymes to plot as well. From the data:
Enzyme A Ki= 2.575 | Kcat = 50 | Km= 3.33
Enzyme B Ki = 10.33 | Kcat = 16.65 | Km = 33.3
Enzyme C Ki= 1.00 | Kcat = 10 | Km = .2

I'm having trouble understanding which is the best inhibitor because:
A has the highest Kcat- best collision efficiency
C has the lowest Km - the highest affinity for its substrate
C has the lowest Ki- which means it binds the tightest.

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The solution offers guidance and things to consider to pick the best inhibitor out of three when given their respective Kcat, Km and Ki values.