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Hair color, eye color and widows peak are all Mendelain dominant recessive traits. If a couple who is heterozygous (both of them mind you) for each of the three traits what are the odds that they will have a child that has dark hair (Dom), Blue Eyes (Rec) and a widows peak (Dom). I think the answer should be a fraction with the denominator being over 50

Is it possible a child was switched at birth if the childs blood type is not Couple 1's theirs, they think a switch must have occured. Couple 1 (the plaintiffs) have AB+ and 0+ blood, and their son has 0+ blood. Couple 2 ( the other couple from the hospital) have B+ and A+ blood. Their child has B+ blood. Is couple number one right on their assumption and why? They are all parents and their is no milkman or postman invloved. My thought is no it is not correct that the child of couple one belongs to couple one but why if that is even correct.