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    Amino Acid Sequence in a Protein Molecule

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    I'm studying for a upcoming test by doing practice problems, but I can't figure this one out.

    An amino acid sequence in a protein molecule is met-lys-gln-pro-phe-arg-ser


    The DNA sequence responsible for this protein segment would be? The anticodons in the tRNA's of the previous question would be? A base substitution occured in a DNA codon; GCA is now GCC, the result of this mutation would be; stop, different amino acid, no change, or a frameshift?

    Thanks for the help.

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    In case you don't have a genetic code table handy, see the attachment.
    For example, the amino acid Met has genetic code AUG, whereas the amino acid Lys has genetic code AAA or AAG. Because there is more than one code for most amino acids, for simplicity, ...

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    The expert examines Amino Acid sequences in a protein molecule. The DNA sequence responsible for the protein segment is provided.