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    Acidic Fluid and Enzymatic Activity Experiment Example

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    Describe an experiment in which you can test the effect of an acidic fluid on enzymatic activity that include one substrate, one enzyme, and one acidic fluid?

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    Since this is only one credit, the answer will simply lead you to finding the correct methodology you will need to perform on your own. Remember to use the scientific method:
    1. Design the experiment. Start with your (null) hypothesis and then provide a detailed account of the materials and methods used to conduct the experiment. Also include the ...

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    The null hypothesis of this experiment is that acids have no effect on biological enzyme activities. The experiment is set up using the scientific method. Materials include hydrogen peroxide, plastic cups, and a source of catalase such as yeast or fresh meat.
    Since catalase breaks down hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen, the rate and extent of bubble formation are recorded as the results of the experiment.
    An interpretation of the results as well as whether the null hypothesis is proven or not is encouraged.