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    Advantages of having a computer...

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    Please write at least three creative paragraphs of what are the advantages of having a computer?

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    So, I take it you're not sure where to start with this assignment. It indeed seems like a situation where you'll have to carefully consider the flavor of the course, and the assignments which have lead to this point. Is the instructor looking for a straight forward piece of writing? Or is s/he looking for the level of creativity where a student might tie a few points together to more loosely make a statement about the advantages of computers?

    IF you feel there is room for creativity, based on the examples the instructor has used, and the assignments that have lead to this point, you may want to start with a creative introduction. In any traditional, formal piece of writing, it is safest to begin with a broad, historical overview of a topic. However, in a creative ...

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    The expert examines the advantages of having a computer.