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    Race as an Illusion

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    questions in 2-3 paragraphs

    I need assitance in understanding what I have to do in terms of interacting/answering these questions as part of my anthropology class. Could you give me some samples, that I could understand because I don't get. When I check the website out I click onto the hand and it took me to Sorting People, Human Diversity.

    1. How well did you do on the interactive section of the website on "sorting people" and "human Diversity"?
    2. Why did you score the way you did?
    3. Has this activity changed your ideas of race? Why or why not?
    Be sure to include data and information

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    Sorting: I got half correct. I had two each and missed two. While it was mostly because the pictures were too small for me to see a clear picture, this is also true about the people we see as we move through life. We only take small snapshots of many people. Some of the pictures I thought of what I know about the different racial traits. But sometimes it is not clear just exactly what makes each trait different and how they can cross racial lines. I am guilty of thinking a round face is mostly ...

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    The solution is a guide that seeks to help a student understand what is required in specific socio-anthropological exercises from an online resource. The main strength of this solution is in the fact that the author has undergone and reviewed said resource to make a spot-on example in a self reflective exercise on human diversity.